April 11, 2016 NYC mini-reunion

A small gathering of  '71 alums was hosted by Kristin Mortimer, Yong-Hee Chyun Silver and Cathy White O'Rourke

Excitement for reunion is building and classmates enjoyed getting together to talk about plans for Reunion and encouraging friends to join in the fun. In attendance were: Yong-Hee Silver, Kristin Mortimer, Cathy White O’Rourke, Amy Levin Halket, Rochelle Didier, Ellen Schwartz Harris, Katherine MacEnulty, Evangeline Morphos, Jennifer Russell, Debbie Gobert, Laura Jarett, Maurine Packard, Frances Fowler Slade, and Pat Shevlin Holmes.  Here are some photos.  See how many you can identify!  We haven't changed a bit, right?  Photo 1 shows Amy, Ellen and Catherine.  Photo 2 shows Rochelle, Amy, Ellen, Katherine, Evangeline, Pat, Jennifer and Kristin.  Photo 3 shows Frances and Maureen.  Photo 4 shows Rochelle and Amy. Photo 5 shows Jennifer and Kristin. Photo 6 shows Katherine, Evangeline and Pat. Photo 7 shows Maurine, Debbie and Laura. Photo 8 shows Yong-Hee and Cathy.

amy--ellen--katherine rochelle--amy--ellen--katherine--evangeline--pat--jennifer--kristin
frances--maurine jennifer--kristin
rochelle--amy_2 maurine--debbie--laura