From the President... Cathy White O'Rourke


June 2016

The gavel has changed hands. 

I can’t thank Lee Flournoy enough for her insights, grace and good humor in leading our class over the past term.  Additional kudos to Amy Levin Halket and Mariel Harris, who put our sensational 45th Reunion plans in place, and guaranteed that a good time was had by all.  And to Candy Fowler, who created a spectacular Record Book for all of us to share our news.

Those of you who were on campus for that event know what a fun and rewarding time we spent together – talking to old friends, getting acquainted with new ones, dancing, singing, walking the beautiful campus where we were all privileged to spent our formative years. 

For those who missed it, either due to conflicts or due to lack of interest, I have one clear message: 


Book it now!  We are committed to making sure it will be a blockbuster!

New class officers, in addition to myself, are Co-Vice Presidents Betsy Bowman and Kathy Calkins Horne, Secretary Belinda Wilkins Tepper, Treasurer Glenda Starr Fishman, Fund Rep Yong-Hee Chyun Silver, and (continuing) Webmistress Julia Morrison Griffith.  Not only do we have an A #1 team, we also have some lovely geographic dispersion among officers, which will be handy for making connections among us all:  Boston, NYC, L.A., VA, OK, FL.

I am having fun reading my Record Book from Reunion (you can still get one!), and seeing how much classmates are enjoying their retirement or their continuing work, their children and grandchildren, their travels, their hobbies. 

During our next five years, I hope to encourage all of you to reflect on how spending time at Wellesley College influenced your life – in your interests, in your work, in your family, in your curiosity. 

Please share those thoughts with all of us, and especially with the young women you meet along the way.

I look forward to being Class President and having the chance to speak with many of you over the next 5 years.

Go With Gold,

Cathy White O’Rourke